Prayer Resources

There are many prayer resources available on-line. Some useful Catholic prayer Apps for Smart Phones:

Prayer 2000 – A free simple app that provides a wealth of traditional Catholic prayers in text. A small in-app fee removes ads.

Hallow – a visually stunning media app available on subscription basis with access to so many Catholic prayers, hymns, videos, prayer reflections, bible resources, it’s hard to list them all. The first month is free so you can try it out and cancel any time.

Universalis – A no-frills app with one-off payment for text content and an optional subscription-based in-app purchase for read and sung prayers if you prefer to listen. This app contains the Liturgy of the Hours, The Mass Liturgy for the 3-year cycle updated annually, daily Lectio Divina reflections, the Rosary, information on the Saints of the day and much more.

Verbum – provides access in text to Catholic Bibles and other versions of the bible. It’s easy to compare versions directly. Perfect for self-study of the bible. Available with one-off payment.

Many Catholic prayers are also featured on Video, Podcast and Music apps such as YouTube, Podbean and Spotify. Check your favourite apps for Catholic content!

If you know of any other great Catholic prayer resources, please contact the Website Admin and we will feature them here.